Thoughts on the role play

The Worlds of the Roleplaying Game

WoRPG The World of RoleplayFirst of all, the recorded words here are thoughts, no more than the opinion of an individual. And yet the writer can claim that he bases his opinion on the other opinion and not standing there alone.

Role-playing game in SL is nothing more than a game, in wich players move into a role and an electronic avatar. Imagination is needed and knowledge around the world, is the venue for the role play. Their are many: the Middle Ages, SciFi, Fantasy, Gor, antiquity, the present day. Even the latest computer-games will be added.
Usually, a distinction at the game is to play between different species.  Is a roleplay based on a novel or book, it is possible to play by the bookstory (Btb) or interpret the game a little further. Basically, there are always rules which a game follows. This can already start at the roles available (A Romulan rarely makes sense in the Middle Ages). Weapons, seasons, administrators, and director, everything is stated in the rules.
On the other hand Second Life offers an incredible variety of options and combinations that make many things possible without being constrained by a third party such as games developers. May it be that you have to collect any resources in a role play or that you can create the building / the setting of Roleplay Sim itself. The latter with skill and some L$.

There are Sims, where you can grow vegetables, breed animals and so on. There are Sims, where it is not welcome. There are players who refuse this. They say it narrows the imagination and is bureaucracy.There are Sims where shootings and war-games are hold like crazy and the role play with Textemotes is only secondary. There are Sims where no arrow flies and no vegetables should be eaten in order to stay healthy.
Now what is the proper role playing?

Everyone needs to be aware of what he wants to play. He or she must inform themselves, take time for a decision for an RPG.The easiest way is to use an observer-TAG to observe the role play, reading along. Suffer an observer does not intervene in the RP and do not write in open chat. IM, although in RP disturbing, but usually allowed to ask questions. But observers dress according to the theme, so they do not interfere with the setting. Only when the player knows where and what he wants to play, he can develop his char, give it a background. Where did he come from, what species is he, how will he react?

The most important rule is not to mix OOC and IC. OOC stands for Out of Character (=not in the game ) and IC stands for in character (=in the game). Role players move game characters, speak through them and often bring a lot of thereselfs to the game. Often emotions are put into a roleplay/gameplay. It is very important to not take an IC statement personaly as an OOC offensive.  But, what could be better than to let the sparks fly in  IC and laugh about it together in OOC?



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