Shortcuts for roleplaying

The Worlds of the Roleplaying Game

WoRPG The World of RoleplayHere are a few but important shortcuts for your roleplay (an other things like chats or anything^^)

AFK         Away from Keybord (not sitting infront of the computer)
biba        bis bald (see you soon) you can also use cu
Btb          by the books (it is as close as possible based on the setting in a book or on the book)
GE           Gor evolved (is used to describe Sims that are not based on the Gor books)
hdl         Hab dich lieb (like you a lot)
IC           In Character (ready or roleplay)
IM           private Message
LL           LindenLab
L$           Lindendollar, Currency in Secondlife
OOC       Out of Character (not participating in roleplay at the moment)
RP           Roleplay
RPG         Role-Playing Game
SWRP    Star Wars Roleplay
JDR         Jeux de rôle
SciFi        Science Fiction
SL           Secondlife

Shortcuts in  IC are not welcome, renounce it! (Includes an OK or emoticons:-) and:-(



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