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The Worlds of the Roleplaying Game

WoRPG The World of RoleplayGood to see that you didn’t quit our Blog after reading the other articles and my thoughts.

The game Second Life by Linden Lab and the possibilities therein are connected only with few restrictions. There are thousands of Sims, there are hundreds of different themes and again including many „divisions“. In short, SL offers something for everyone.

Or doesn’t it ? Second Life is a deceptive name … it’s not a second life that you have here. It is a part of your life. And with the combination of the game and your life there are affections and emotions linked to it.

Here we combine the theme of „feelings“ with the role play. RPG also creates emotions. We are in danger to wear our inclinations to the role-playing game, take our feelings into it. We combine our ego with the avatars we control and forget … he is nothing more than a pawn on the board, which was formerly on the kitchen table and was called „Parcheesi not man“.
Well, there were emotions, too. Sometimes eerything was thrown against a wall. BUT… I never fell in love with any of those tokens.

There are players among us who seek the „fulfillment“ of inclinations here in SL. Some want to fly planes, others dig through the earth. Others are looking for the fulfillment of sexual fantasies. For me and many others, this is a problem in the role play.

As Example let’s talk about Gor. A prime example because it is so decried and is always thought about beeing BDSM. On Gor, slavery is permitted, and this fact we need to know. Slaves are mentioned in Gor „Bond“ or „Kajira“. I’ll stay with Kajira, because i like the expression better. If we assume a woman (submissive in RL) is playing the role of Kajira to satisfy their needs. Let’s think a bit further  and assume that a lot of players in Gor have no idea of BDSM. When now a „relationship“ in the roleplay initiates between Kajira and an „average consumer“-Roleplayer there will be a lot of misunderstandings. If the Kajira-playing woman will develop feelings that can not be pacifyed by the role-playing husband because he doesn’t know about it and he only likes to roleplay as it is.

What happens then, doesn’t need to be described here. It is only important to  separate RPG from the rest. It’s a game, a great game with many possibilities. But it is not a game to be satisfied in the real needs. With the exception of fun and excitement … like a board game. And with board game I am thinking of something like Monopoly, not the game with a paddle;-)

What is the rule no. 1 in the role play?

Answer: Separate OOC and IC strictly, separate the characters in the game from the players. The players draw figures and breathe life into them. But the figures are not players and they should never be!

At the end … You can Kajira replace with master … or Kajira with kajirus. No matter how … let yourself not get into the roleplay. Use your avatars.



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